Reignite your Wanderlust and discover the Majorca secrets

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Reignite your Wanderlust and discover the Majorca secrets

Taste the mouth-watering cuisines, experience exceptional hospitality, bathe in breathtaking turquoise color beaches, hike on the rocky rugged mountains and walk through picture-perfect architectural towns – Majorca will surely ignite your wanderlust.

Do you know about the largest and the most tourist destination in Spain? It’s the Balearic Islands of Majorca, which has recently gained the title of the “17th state of Germany” due to the high rate of popularity and tourist attraction. But remember, there’s a lot more to this island than booze, beaches and sunburnt beaches – the real Majorca is actually a few barbaric alleyways away.

Majorca has over 260 beaches which are the best beaches in Europe having crystal clear turquoise color water with rocky coves, an array of mouth-watering and fresh seafood along with wine, making it the prime location for relaxation under the sun having picturesque views of the water. The most breathtaking stunning and spectacular beach is the Es Trenc that is surrounded by white sand, having clear calm turquoise water – a pure Caribbean bliss.

Indeed, it’s hard to not spend much time away from the Majorca heavenly beaches, but the town is filled with plentiful hidden treasures. One of the highlights of traveling to Majorca is taking a road trip through the mountain range of Serra de Tramuntana. The scenic route starts from the historical town of Andratx and ends at the Cap de Formentor lighthouse. It provides jaw-dropping views of Europe’s prettiest villages which are all worth visiting either by walk, cycling or hiking.

Apart from the beaches and mountains, Majorca’s main tourist attraction is its capital city, Palma de Mallorca which is draped in exquisite architectural styles, being the perfect exploring town. Every corner of the town is filled with exciting private galleries and lip-smacking Pintxos & tapas restaurants.

Expedite in the Majorca through its largest underground lake which offers a magical and dazzling array of ancient rock formation, bright colorful lights and spiky stalactites. All the tourists visiting the Cuevas del Drach are treated to a live floating classical concert.

One can do so much in Majorca that the list is never-ending. You can start by visiting the Palma Cathedral, national parks, historical museums and Dragon Caves.

From delightful food, with great wines to the magnificent cathedral, picturesque hill-top villages to histrionic cliffs plunging into electric blue seas; there are so many reasons that flare the soul with a trust from adventures. Indeed, Majorca is Spain’s prettiest town with plentiful walking trails, elegant palatial manor houses and train to Soller, one needs to visit Majorca to witness all by himself.

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