The truth behind the Palma city life, a capital town of Majorca

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The truth behind the Palma city life, a capital town of Majorca

Life in Majorca is all about ambling through sticky pine forest, Aloe Vera Farms and Olive groves to secluded beaches. It’s all about getting lost in Palma’s honey-stoned old town, relaxing in sun-struck plazas with wine and eating lip-smacking tapas while soaking in the deep thousands year old historical artifacts.

The Majorca life is Simple, Seductive and Slow. Every corner you travel in Majorca you’ll be amazed by the historical architects, buildings and churches. Spain’s most celebrated religious site is in Majorca’s capital city of Palma City. Numerous travel agencies provide tours of the Palma City which allows you to see the real side of the city like a local.

Indeed, Palma City is a stunning gastronomy. Being relatively compact, it’s an attractive tourist destination which is covered with honey-colored stone encompassing so much beautiful jaw-dropping views, buildings and beaches. This enduring Island dates back to the 13th Century when the Christians reconquest the island, along with Romans, Talayotic and Moors. It’s a luxuriously studded crown of historical sites, where it encompasses a seemingly endless array of restaurants, bars, craft studios and galleries – it’s without doubt Mallorca’s greatest treasure. It has something for everyone whether you want to relax and enjoy broad waters of the Badia de Palma or indulge in mouthwatering buttery croissants, freshly baked olive bread, and exquisite French tartlets of the popular French patisserie La Madeleine de Proust. The striking neighborhood of Santa Catalina is the picture-perfect spot to begin a whirlwind journey of exploring what actually makes the Palma city. The mornings are gorgeous at Calle Anibal where the sun has time slowing magical powers to keep you enjoy the charming streets of painted wooden shutters and colored facades.

The Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art has fine artworks by various artists such as Picasso and Miro. Not only this, the terrace of the museum has a spectacular Cathedral La Seu view, which is an 800-year-old architectural piece of art.

On top of that, an elegant tree-lined avenue of Passeig des Born satisfies thrust for shopping as it has every designer from Luis Vuitton to Zara, you name it and Passeig des Born street has it. Not to forget, indulge in the luxurious three-course lunches that are not only budget friendly but also offer a great insight into the local wine industry. The Palma is overflowing with vibrant nightlife with numerous theaters, nightclubs and music bars that offers unlimited possibilities to chill during the night with plays and ballet performances along with cocktails enough to keep you dancing all night on the floors.

Wander in any direction and you will discover awe-inspiring medieval streets lined with the aristocratic town with remarkable old houses, teeming community squares, looming ornamental churches, lively bohemian regions and popular bazaars overflowing with the bounty of the island. One can spend weeks alone in this Island yet still uncover fresh joys every single day. Simply put, the people, history, architecture, food and location make the Palm City life.

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